• Introductory offer £35 for 20 days unlimited classes Warm Vinyasa Flow.......Warm Resonant yoga.......Fierce Grace..... Yin Yoga and Meditation

  • ego says "once everything falls into place I'll be peaceful" spirit say "find peace and everything will fall into place"

  • Introductory offer £35 for 20 days unlimited classes Warm Vinyasa Flow.......Warm Resonant yoga.......Fierce Grace.....Yin Yoga and Meditation

  • Kerala Retreat April 1-10 2016 Come to the birth place of yoga. Relax, rejuvenate and deepen your practice

  • 10% is what happens to us....... 90% is how we react to it !!! let no one steal your peace

  • Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!! How we do anything...... Is how we do everything

  • Kerala Retreat April 1-10 2016 Come to the birth place of yoga. Relax, rejuvenate and deepen your practice

  • Honour the space between..... no longer and not yet no yoga.... no peace........ know yoga..... know peace

  • Life doesn't always give you what you want It always gives you what you need !!

Bikram Yoga Wimbledon –  The original Hot Yoga in South London.

Words cannot truly express the value of yoga: it has to be experienced!


Our Studio is the perfect place to begin your path to health and to well-being. We provide a holistic practice through a wide range of classes  from Warm Vinyasa Flow, Classic Bikram, Fierce Grace, Warm Resonant Yoga, Yin Yoga and Meditation. It is our belief that by incorporating this variety and diversity of Yoga into your daily life, you will transform your internal space, revitalise your body, find strength and balance in your life.


Established in 2011, our space is renowned for its relaxed ambiance, friendly and approachable staff, expert guidance through posture and focus on harnessing the power of the breath. The breath is your thread of life and through our connection with it we become more conscious and connected to our body.


Our yoga practice is the foundation of self-empowerment, mindfulness, and the freedom to be alive in your body. Every cell in your body is malleable, impressionable and carefully constructed to change with you and your life.

As we learn to acclimatise to the heat, like all change in life, it takes a little time to adjust, but by cultivating patience and moving slowly through the practice you will see your practice grow very quickly. The heat is the source of your detoxification and the first step towards purifying your body. It will increase your metabolism, energy levels and improve your circulation. The heat is a constant reminder that the postures come from inside you rather than from the outside environment!



This path is for everyone regardless of age, background or fitness level. Yoga gives you the opportunity to take time out of your day solely for your mind, to de-stress and to centre yourself, to make a sanctuary of your body. Each class, each posture, each breath in our studio is a celebration of the community we have built around this collective experience. Whether you are completely new to Yoga, a hot-room novice or a veteran struggling with injury, we will look after you and make your journey into yoga one to remember and to continue!


The studio has been perfectly designed to heat and humidify the room to an optimal 35-40 degrees C and is flooded with natural light, so you can truly nourish your body and mind (and have some time for yourself). The practice space is fitted throughout with hypo-allergenic flooring and we use Manduka PROlite mats, the most comfortable and hygienic mats out there.


Our changing rooms are spacious, clean, comfortable and fully Air-conditioned. We have the best showers in town.  Additionally, we have a fully stocked Juice and Smoothie bar. This ensures that you can balance a healthy diet with healthy yoga! Good nutrition will help your body recover and get ready for your next class!




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